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Style, comfort and footcare all in one!

Cabello footwear is a comfort shoe brand which has been developed to support the foot. This brand is split into three categories. Cabello Wellbeing, Cabello Active and Cabello City. Some styles go up to size 45.

Cabello Wellbeing is a range of orthotic friendly footwear featuring a removable innersole.
Cabello Active is a casual range of comfort footwear.
Cabello City is a younger range featuring an ultra massage point.

Cassini Comfort

Absolute comfort

A stylish collection of shoes, sandals and boots, designed with sheer comfort in mind. Soft leathers from Spain, Morocco and parts of Europe, manufactured to a high standard, as well as comfort.

Checo Checo

The Eco-friendly shoe from Brazil

Checo Checo had infused the concept of ecological friendliness – ‘ECO’ in it’s name – and is the result of the union of Brazilian and Australian friends who decided to develop ecological shoes as a way to spread a positive message – and have a lot of fun along the way.


Hottest European designs!

Effegie’s range of leather heels, boots and sandals is inspired by the hottest European trends. Made in Spain with an emphasis on quality and modern design, their unique range has a shoe to suit any style personality. Featuring a range of fashionable colours and styles high on trend, Effegie footwear will have you stepping out boldly this season!


European style!

Each pair has a European heritage, having travelled on its own before it travels with you. We like to think they have a story, before you make your own. Made in Portugual


Comfort & style combined

Exceptional comfort designed in soft leather and padded insoles, but retaining the style and eye to fashion you have come to expect from Passion for Shoes!

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