Passion for Ramarim!

//Passion for Ramarim!

Passion for Ramarim!

On a recent promotion on our Facebook page, we asked for comments from our customers about our Ramarim range of shoes.

We were inundated!  Here’s what people are saying…


Kate Where on earth do it start!?!?!? These are THE most comfortable shoes that I have ever purchased! My overflowing shoe cupboard is testimony to the fact of how amazing these shoes are! Slippers for your feet!!!

Julie Schliefert I’m with Kate. So comfortable and stylish. No breaking in required. I own several pairs but there’s always room for more. I should have been born a centipede!

Yanti Soediono I fell in love with RAMARIM Shoes right after I purchased my first pair and then couldn’t stop buying more and more. It’s the most comfortable shoes that I can even run in those high heels !! I have a few pairs of RAMARIM in my collection with their vibrant colour….just love it !!

Justine Camilleri Mmmm best ever, I have two pairs and would love more:)

Cheryl McEwan I don’t own any but I think I will try them if you say they are great!

Sharon Lunel Love these shoes! My two pairs are the best! So comfy to wear all day at work, the best shoes I have bought, ever! Please I want and need more. Xx

Marsha Byron These are perfect for my requirements

Kay Lambert Absolutely love these shoes. Was the only one at a wedding wearing heels that didn’t need to take them off. Total comfort.

Sarah Lee I never thought I would wear heels in my lifetime as I am a sucker for comfort over fashion, then I bought my yellow Ramarim wedges – who woulda thought you could have both?!

Sandy Newnham Hall Omg how much would I love to own a pair of these

Grace Cooper Like wearing Slippers all day, but super stylish sexy slippers that feel like a cloud!

Bronwyn Young I would love to own a pair just so I can share even a “smidge” of the above joy!!! What’s not to love about reading about happy feet??

Julia Vivian I wear heels every day and love them so wearing ones a bit comfier would be great

Tania Paulet I love these shoes, managed to trek around Munich in them all day without sore feet at the end of the day, comfiest shoes ever. Definitely time for some summer ones when I get home

Louise Selak I love these shoes! After having kids I thought my heels had to be packed away. But because of ramarim it didn’t have to be!
Means I Can do mum duty at speed in style!

Michelle La Spina I thought my high heel days were over until I was introduced to Ramarim and now a night in the town is no issue I can dance all night in these babies aswell as walk a distance if I need to Thank you Ramarim xxx

Emeline Smith I have a cupboard full of heels that are all pretty much one-use shoes. I wear them once and never go back cos I know how much they hurt. I need to try these heels to see what everyone else has just raved about. They look gorgeous and are comfy, who would of thought that was possible!!

Jane Ryan OMG!! Heels that feel like slippers??? I must have such a shoe!!

Sharon Langella Is there such a thing?? I have searching and searching… A high heel addict, and being blessed with ducks disease (bum too close to the ground) I just have to wear them, but since days my feet and legs are tired and ache when on them all day.. I have to try them. On line only??

Rose Lin Was first introduced to ramarim total comfort after a night of standing and running orders. Feet were swollen and when I put my foot into those shoes, I told the store lady it’s almost like having a feet orgasm it felt thaaaaat good!

Norma Kelly My daughter and I love these shoes and have a few pairs, best shoes for comfort. Would love a new pair .

Arin Taresa Kelsey I dont own any ramarim shoes but i see them pop up on my news feed every day and they just look amazing. I stare and drool and wonder if they are really as comfy as the say. Would loveeee to own my very first pair!!!!

Kim Duck I absolutely love these shoes! If you haven’t tried them, treat yourself, you won’t be disappointed. Amazing how much joy a comfortable, yet stylish, pump can bring! Would love to add a pair of Harriett’s to my collection

Caroline Foote I purchased my first pair prior to Christmas reluctantly… The shop owner told me I would love them but they were a bluey colour – the only pair left in store – and I normally only wear black. These shoes are like nothing I have worn before, I go to …See More

Danelle Hutchinson Your not kidding these are by far the best heels I’ve ever owned I stopped wearing heels 5 years ago! I wore a pair to ladies day Melbourne cup carnival and ladies believe it the heels were still on at the end of the day and not in my hands like every other brand of heel I’ve ever owned worth every penny!!

Melita Costello Love love love my Ramarim shoes, first pair of high heels I wore after breaking my leg..Ramarim.

Amanda Byrne i bought my first pair of ramarims about 2 years ago, and they sat in my cupboard that entire time. I literally thought that I, being a heel-aphoab, would not have a hope of ever being able to confidently wear anything higher than a kitten heel. Even…See More

Rose Tintor Forget the shoes…I want those legs!!!

Gianna Lucchinelli Yep great pins

Debbie Johnson i love mine, most comfortable shoes EVER, I have told everyone about them, I would just LOVE to have a second pair in my cupboard, nothing better in the world than heels that don’t leave your feet screaming at the end of the day, jump on board ladies if you have not already, sexy and comfortable all in one shoe, how good is that

Esther Kelly Melly Shea I think you deserve some of these heels

Melly Shea Ehh meh gherd… They’re delicious!

Sharon Adele Leppard Issy Leppard you should look at this Web site.

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